Special Events

Grand Diabetes Quiz

This special quiz contest is designed to promote knowledge about Diabetes.
Winner’s Prize = Rs. 15,000
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Young Innovator Award

The Young Innovator’s Award will be presented to a healthcare professional or student achieving excellence in his/her chosen field, whether in developing a new technology/solution or authoring a reputable paper. We will use the awards to highlight emerging talent and innovation in the field of diabetes, and we expect this element of the summit to generate significant interest.

The young innovator award is an unique initiative to encourage budding talents. Young scientists below the age of 40 from clinical sciences or basic sciences in the field of Diabetology are invited to compete and send in their entries. Winner’s Prize = Rs. 50,000.
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Meet the masters

This summit will provide you the opportunity to meet and interact one-to-one with experts from UK & India in the field of Diabetology. You may discuss any interesting proposition or innovation.

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