IBHI Fellowship

  • Must be a Life Member of IBHI.
  • Must have participated in at least 2 IBHI seminars / symposia / courses in India.
  • Must be recommended by another senior IBHI Life Member.
  • Must apply with your passport size photograph (1 No:) and curriculum vitae to the Secretary of IBHI.
  • Must send copies of your Publications if any.
  • Details of any award received by you.
  • Must include a personal statement stating:
    • Why you need this training?
    • How, after your return, it will benefit your Institution?
    • How, are you going to serve the people of the villages / towns etc, when you return?
    • What contribution you will make to IBHI after you come back?
  • If you are selected are you willing to pay your air ticket to UK and back?
  • Finally, you have to give a statement to the IBHI Secretary stating that, “I hereby declare that after my return, I shall send a detailed report about my visit and its usefulness”.

How do I enroll for the IBHI Fellowship?
Medical professionals who wish to enroll for the IBHI Fellowship need to send the above mentioned details along with their area of specialization and their goals to IBHI either by post or email. For more details about enrolling, please refer the “Registration” page at this website.

Do I need to arrange my visa for the IBHI Fellowship programme at foreign countries?
Yes. The selected candidates for the IBHI Fellowship have to arrange the visa on their own.

How often is the enrollment for IBHI Fellowship is organized in a year?
The enrollment is active throughout the year except for the months of January, July, August and December of every year.

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