IBHI Membership

What is the procedure to become a member of IBHI?
All Medical professionals can become member of IBHI. Those who wish to become an IBHI member are requested to send their CV, references and their area of specialization and their goals to IBHI either by post or email. All you need to have is the motivation towards the contribution & development of Medicine in India. For more details about enrolling, please refer the “Registration” page of this website.

Types of IBHI membership and their corresponding fees.

Membership Type Membership Fee
Annual Membership Rs.1000/-
Life Membership Rs.10,000/-


Cheques / DD should be taken in favor of “Indo British Health Initiative” payable at Chennai.

Note: Outstation cheques are not accepted


What are the special benefits that IBHI Members enjoy during their active association with IBHI?

  • The full and free exchange of scientific information between Indian and British Medical professionals.
  • The possibility to recommend colleagues and juniors for IBHI Fellowship.
  • Attend IBHI courses and seminars without any registration fees.

Is IBHI backed by any commercial organizations?
No. The sole purpose of IBHI is to contribute to the training of young Medical professionals. IBHI is an “Independent Scientific Body” which has no leaning towards any commercial arm.


Faculty Protocol

  • The articles/presentation should be prepared in advance by the respective person.
  • The articles should be scientifically prepared and should be impressive and self-explanatory.
  • To perform the presentation the concerned person has to bring the data in a pen drive or CD. This will avoid carrying personal laptops for the presentation and to reduce the time consumption by transferring the laptops during the presentation.

Participations Protocol

  • For the Q&A session, only one question is allowed per person. This is to ensure each and every participant gets a chance to clarify their doubts.
  • Participants are requested to switch off the cell phone during the seminar.

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