IBHI Objective

The main objectives of IBHI are:

  • To establish co-operation between British trained doctors in India and their counterparts
    in the United Kingdom for the benefit of both countries.
  • To give grants to train nurses, technical staff, administrators by exchange programmes aimed at understanding and solving problems peculiar to the respective environments.
  • To conduct lectures, seminars, symposiums on all subjects and to award scholarships, prizes, trophies for the advancement of the above objectives.
  • To promote interaction amongst bio-engineers, bio-chemists, pathologists and surgeons so as to develop new ideas and new methods of management in injured patients.
  • To provide scholarships to Indian surgeons to visit British universities and Hospitals
  • To invite outstanding professors from Britain to visit India for availing their expertise, knowledge and experience.
  • To develop implants, artificial joints and other instruments to suit Indian and Asian conditions
  • To develop methods of treatment and prevention to suit socio-economic conditions as exists in India from time to time.
  • To provide support to patients and institutions who deal with poor patients.

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