IBHI is an “Indo-British Health Initiative” which has no leaning towards any commercial arm. Its main aim is to promote innovations in technology in the field of medicine between India and the UK, promote fellowships in UK and India and unite the IBHI members in both India and UK.

IBHI Objective

The main objectives of IBHI are:

  • To establish co-operation between British trained doctors in India and their counterparts
    in the United Kingdom for the benefit of both countries.
  • To give grants to train nurses, technical staff, administrators by exchange programmes aimed at understanding and solving problems peculiar to the respective environments.
  • To conduct lectures, seminars, symposiums on all subjects and to award scholarships, prizes, trophies for the advancement of the above objectives.
  • To promote interaction amongst bio-engineers, bio-chemists, pathologists and surgeons so as to develop new ideas and new methods of management in injured patients.
  • To provide scholarships to Indian surgeons to visit British universities and Hospitals
  • To invite outstanding professors from Britain to visit India for availing their expertise, knowledge and experience.
  • To develop implants, artificial joints and other instruments to suit Indian and Asian conditions
  • To develop methods of treatment and prevention to suit socio-economic conditions as exists in India from time to time.
  • To provide support to patients and institutions who deal with poor patients.

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IBHI Training

Who are eligible to attend the IBHI organized seminars or events or training programmes?
Medical professionals who wish to widen their knowledge are welcome to attend the IBHI programmes.

What do I gain by attending the training programme?
Medical professionals under the programme will be given a wider perspective about the topic of discussion, updated information about the latest medicine techniques, modern equipment in preferred UK and Indian Universities.

How do I enroll myself for the training programme (Event / Seminar)?
You can enroll by filling up the details or email the details as asked in the “Registration” page of this website. We shall confirm your participation either by mail or post at the earliest.

Do I need to pay for attending the training programme?
A nominal charge is to be paid for attending few aspects of the programme. Expenses like travel, food and accommodation have to be managed on your own.


  • Medical Practitioners & Companies – Rs. 2,500
  • No fee for bonafide post graduate / interns.

To register

  • Click here and follow the details given
  • Last date for receipt of application for the IBHI Indo-UK Diabetes Summit : January 11th, 2013.

How often the IBHI training programme is organized in a year?
The IBHI training programme / courses are conducted four times a year in some part of the country. The exact training schedule details will be available on request or will be updated in the IBHI website well in advance.

What is the last date for registration for the upcoming training programme?
The next IBHI event will be the “Indo-British Diabetes Summit” which is to be conducted on January 18 & 19, 2013 at Taj Coromandel, Chennai, India and the last date for registration is 7th January, 2013.

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IBHI Fellowship

  • Must be a Life Member of IBHI.
  • Must have participated in at least 2 IBHI seminars / symposia / courses in India.
  • Must be recommended by another senior IBHI Life Member.
  • Must apply with your passport size photograph (1 No:) and curriculum vitae to the Secretary of IBHI.
  • Must send copies of your Publications if any.
  • Details of any award received by you.
  • Must include a personal statement stating:
    • Why you need this training?
    • How, after your return, it will benefit your Institution?
    • How, are you going to serve the people of the villages / towns etc, when you return?
    • What contribution you will make to IBHI after you come back?
  • If you are selected are you willing to pay your air ticket to UK and back?
  • Finally, you have to give a statement to the IBHI Secretary stating that, “I hereby declare that after my return, I shall send a detailed report about my visit and its usefulness”.

How do I enroll for the IBHI Fellowship?
Medical professionals who wish to enroll for the IBHI Fellowship need to send the above mentioned details along with their area of specialization and their goals to IBHI either by post or email. For more details about enrolling, please refer the “Registration” page at this website.

Do I need to arrange my visa for the IBHI Fellowship programme at foreign countries?
Yes. The selected candidates for the IBHI Fellowship have to arrange the visa on their own.

How often is the enrollment for IBHI Fellowship is organized in a year?
The enrollment is active throughout the year except for the months of January, July, August and December of every year.

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IBHI Membership

What is the procedure to become a member of IBHI?
All Medical professionals can become member of IBHI. Those who wish to become an IBHI member are requested to send their CV, references and their area of specialization and their goals to IBHI either by post or email. All you need to have is the motivation towards the contribution & development of Medicine in India. For more details about enrolling, please refer the “Registration” page of this website.

Types of IBHI membership and their corresponding fees.

Membership Type Membership Fee
Annual Membership Rs.1000/-
Life Membership Rs.10,000/-


Cheques / DD should be taken in favor of “Indo British Health Initiative” payable at Chennai.

Note: Outstation cheques are not accepted


What are the special benefits that IBHI Members enjoy during their active association with IBHI?

  • The full and free exchange of scientific information between Indian and British Medical professionals.
  • The possibility to recommend colleagues and juniors for IBHI Fellowship.
  • Attend IBHI courses and seminars without any registration fees.

Is IBHI backed by any commercial organizations?
No. The sole purpose of IBHI is to contribute to the training of young Medical professionals. IBHI is an “Independent Scientific Body” which has no leaning towards any commercial arm.


Faculty Protocol

  • The articles/presentation should be prepared in advance by the respective person.
  • The articles should be scientifically prepared and should be impressive and self-explanatory.
  • To perform the presentation the concerned person has to bring the data in a pen drive or CD. This will avoid carrying personal laptops for the presentation and to reduce the time consumption by transferring the laptops during the presentation.

Participations Protocol

  • For the Q&A session, only one question is allowed per person. This is to ensure each and every participant gets a chance to clarify their doubts.
  • Participants are requested to switch off the cell phone during the seminar.

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